Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-07-23 13:08:46 (UTC)

Wal-Mart Indulgences

9am- Why am I up so early, you query? Because my mom was
supposed to take my car at 9:30 to go to the doctors and I
had to remove the condoms and cigarettes from my car before
she thinks I am more of a crackhead failure of a daughter
doing all sorts of preposterous and illegal things.
lol. 'Tis Monday today, finally a day off! My brother
tried to steal my car again like last Monday, but I
wouldn't let him. It's Becky's bday, so after I go to Lake
Pearl w/ Jess and Kelly we need to go buy her presents at
Tao of Books and pick her up and bring her out to eat or
something. I need my car, Kelly crashed hers and no one
else has their license.

Last night I wrote the longest entry and then I got
disconnected from AOL for not being active online. Argh!
That pissed me off. So I will start over...

Yesterday I managed to spent like $35 at Walmart....how can
this happen??? I was just throwing a bunch of little cheap
pointless things in my basket and thought they'd add up to
nothing. Oops! I got fake nails, and put them on yesterday
and then took them off because they looked too tacky. lol.
Self indulgence in walmart products is fun.

Then, I went to Barnes and Noble to get Girl Interrupted,
and because I needed caffiene. I got an iced Chai latte
(mmm I love their chi's, specially warm but it was hot out)
and drank it in 2 seconds, but I had forgotten that Chai's
are made with tea and not coffee. Therefore, I ordered a
coffee and drank that just to get the caffiene. MMM. Crazy.
Now I am reading Girl Interrupted, i've heard it was better
than the movie, we shall see. Since I saw the movie before
I read the book, I loved it and didn't have to compare it.
The book is good so far.

Last night I was on the phone with Kelly and I was talking
soft and my dad stormed down and pulled the phone off the
wall and said if I keep on screaming he was going to kick
me in the ass. This is a mature adult....riiiight. And then
when I was cleaning my car, I didn't use the nozzle on the
hose because I couldnt find it so I left the water running
the whole time so he called me an ugly american. I was
like, you're so gay, you asshole. I hope he moves out like
he did when I was in 6th grade, that was a happy time. My
mom always sticks up for him though so that won't happen.
I am a bitch, I don't care, he can go suck an old mans cock
for all I care, he just has to go away. I guess he came
back from Ohio because I had forgotten he lived here.....

SATC quote:
Taxi Driver: No smoking in cab!
Carrie: I'm sorry, we are talking 'up the butt.' A
cigarette is in order.
Charlotte: I just don't want to be known as the "up-the-
butt girl!"

*on floor*
Oh man.

#2- I'm a "trisexual." I'll try anything once"- Samantha

Me too! *scoffs* Or not. Go away!