Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-09-14 01:45:43 (UTC)

Farewell, although it is hard ot believe, I shall miss you...

I guess technically speaking today is the day I leave for
Stirling University, although I still consider it to be
Friday night. Everything's packed and ready, even my laptop
and TV are prepared to be transported, it was when I looked
at the mass of boxes and bags that I realised I'm suffering
from mixed feelings. It's not fear though, and I doubt its
anxiety either but there's definately something negative
brewing in the back of my mind. Perhaps its suspicion at
fate to see how it can ruin the event i have been waiting
for for 2 years. These last two years have been tough on
everyone, not just me. With any luck, someone else at the
halls I'm in will have the same surname initial as myself
so I won't get lost on my own. Of course, anyone with
surname initial A-F will inevitably be going to the same
induction seminars as myself in at least one instance so
technically speaking I can avoid lone wandering the first
week unless I choose to do it. I've jotted down as much
info as possible on the guide sheet that came with the
Welcome pack so I can get around more quickly and
efficiently than my other new undergraduate equivalents.
I'm already at more of an advantage than most of them
anyway considering how I spent three months there a year
ago. Of course I havent't been there for a good while, but
my memories are sharp enough to recall how to get to most
places via the most direct route. We'll just have to see
what tomorrow/later brings.

Till Next Time Space Kittens!