Full of Secrets
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2002-09-14 01:19:27 (UTC)


Oh My Gosh. I can't believe school has been insetion for a
week and a half now. I can't wait tell next summer, lol I'm
just joking. I have been so confused ever sense school
started. Andrew and me really need to talk. I'm not even
sure if we're going out or not, I don't think he knows
either. Marie told me today that she had asked Andrew if Me
and him were going out and he said Kinda and it was really
confusing (which it is). I don't know what to do. I think
I'm just going to go right up to him and ask him what's
going on between us. Well anyways. I wore a robe to school
today with slippers. I got the funniest looks and second
glances. It was really funny/fun. One teacher said that's
how she wants to come toschool. Mr. Beuabriand looked at me
for like 5 minutes then started laughing. Cea did it too,
we're the trend starters, lol. Everyone is probably going
to start wearing robes now and say that they started it.
It's always like that. Well I'm gunna go do something, lata

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