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2001-07-23 10:54:57 (UTC)

"Three Deep"


"Three Deep, Three Deep"
"Like a butterfly landing with sore feet."
"Three Deep ...
... Three Deep"
"Sail On"

He wrote that the other night in his journal, and it just
won't get out of my mind! I just keep wondering what on
earth he means by it. He's so complex and just full of
something i just can't place a finger on. I know that here
is some pain there, some hate, joy and love even. But i
think that it's all for his daughter. Divorced he is,
three years enfact. I asked him last night if he ever
regreated it. He does, and said that there were things
that he and her could've done, councialing and such. But
she cheated on him. And to him, that's unforgivable. All
she had to say was that he was tall and blonde. Went on
three dates they did, and fucked too. How shollow is
that? He now hates women, puts up a wall. She ruined
him. He's such a wonderful guy, and she ruined him! Why
do all of us women have to be judged on the acts of one
women, or just a handful of them. I told him that not all
women are alike, and he claims that they are. I would love
to be the one to show them they aren't. To treat him well,
to love him, to be his ... but i don't think that's ment to
be. Yet i just want to figure out why on earth he wanted
my number so badly and wouldn't leave our friend Regge
alone about it. And how he told me i was beautiful, and
spoke to me in Italian. I just loved that! Was it just to
fuck? *sigh* I just don't know. He's a deep one this one
is. And i'm going to try with all my might to figure this
guy out. I can't stop thinkin' about him. I think that
i've gone totaly crazy! What do you think?
Princess CJ

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