hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-13 23:44:45 (UTC)


hello everybody who is reading this... i am just doing the
usual... sitting down infront of the cmptr thinkin about my
life and steven and thinkin wtf shuld i put in here? i am
thinking about going to the football game tonite.. i'm
already l8 tho so i mite not go there till half time n e
waez.... there r 14 pple on line rite now but nobody that i
wuld like 2 tlk 2 and almost all of them have they're awy
msgz up junk... including steven **sigh** 2dae he was
doin that ignoring pple thingy madgig that he duz
sumtimes.. it really skared me 2dae tho cuz he hadn't dun
that till 2dae this yr so far.. he is bak on line rite now
but i doubt that he iz gunna IM me. evry 1 @ skool keepz
tellin me that he likez amber robinson agen.... hey look,
he has another awy msg up agen... grrrz... but n e waez...
yea pple keep goin, r u goin 2 homecoming w/ steven?? uh...
yes i am... stop askin me now.. i told about three pple,
allison jenn and sarah.. i dnt remember if i told n e 1
else but apparently it got around pretty fast. amber still
likes brandon, brandon is funny, 2dae in math class he got
caught cheating and then ended up getting the best grade in
the class on the test... hmph... not fair. i think i got
the lowest.. stevens right i dnt try. i guess i just dnt
give a fuck.. i need a goal... o well. :-
man... i need money fast. i got kims b dae present cuz its
this coming sundae... i next month i gotta get jenn otto's
b dae present, and then i gotta buy a dress 4 homecoming i
had no idea i was even gunna go... lol, and the month after
that.. isnt' that november??? lol... if it is my friend
kourtney's b dae is on the first and i gotta ship his
present to england.. and december i gotta get sarah a b day
present and after that i gotta get my dad a b dae present
and not to mention christmas presents which i accidently
skipped lol. my mom didn't give me my full allowence cuz my
dad is gone again. he keeps leaving us the first chance he
gets i think he hates us.
i hope he dusn't tho cuz he's the only person in my family
i get along with.... me and my mom fight everydae and me
and my sis... well lets just sae that me and her just got
in a fight earlier 2dae and i'm still not tlkin 2 her...
shez such an idiot... well i've g2g buhbyez