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2001-07-23 08:13:47 (UTC)

Comedians... Gotta Love Em...

Tonight was one of the better Saturday nights that I`ve had
in a long time. I just came home from Starbuck`s/Jamba; I
was there with the usual bunch: my boyfriend, my sister,
her boyfriend, his friend, and three of my friends.

It was such a riot! I haven`t laughed that hard since I can
remember. My sister`s boyfriend`s friend should be a
comedian. I swear, he stole the show tonight. All eyes were
on him, and he gave us a good show.

And if there`s one thing you must understand, when you are
there with us, it means that you`re fair game. We don`t
discriminate, if you sit at our table you better be
prepared. Because nothing is sacred and it`s no holds
barred. Know what you`re going to say, and you better know
how to back it up.

That`s the good thing about our group. We can give the hard
rubs, but in the end we know it`s all love... And we get to
laugh with each other and AT each other...