inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-07-23 08:12:34 (UTC)

life won't wait

hey. i've been lazy with this diary thing, haven't i. i
guess there hasn't been 2 much 2 say. the time fer me t'go
back to BC is drawing near. i dont wanna go, but i try to
make things better by saying that i'll @ least b able 2 do
lots of shopping, n have sum1 else pay fer my stuff fer
once. but i really dun wanna stay in my old house and
hafta sleep in my old bed and just act like i still live
there. that just ... gives me the heebie jeebies, fer a
lack of a better term. =P oh well... gotta get this over
w/, i guess. in the meantime i should just enjoy being
lazy n spending all o' my time on the computer. =P cuz
after this i will have to get a job... need spending money.
=P plus rent is really sucking me dry. i've probably used
that term b4 (i kno i did in my actual diary) but
really.... i would b totally ok if it wasnt fer that stupid
$700 a month. -_-
n e wayz.... i was sick but im getting better. it's a lot
quicker than last time. yesterday was really bad. i got
up brite n early n everything, n thought it'd b kewl 2 have
the day 2 meself, but i ended up so sick i couldnt even
move. i wasted the hole day sleeping or trying to do
normal everyday things. and suffering from extreme
dizziness n nausea and all o' that pleasant junk. =P but
at least im ok now, well, a lot better'n last time. still
a bit of a headache, but that should go away in at least
one more day.
n e wayz, net addiction is calling, so im going now.
hopefully one day i'll have sth interesting to tell ya. .O


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