Connilee's Life Journal
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2002-09-13 21:37:31 (UTC)

A Listing I responded too on Craigslist...

Random guy: here's the story...

I'm a writer who has to work a M-F for now....I never get
out and socialize....I used to be a hard core party guy
about a year ago but have since left that lifestyle in the
past. My uncle who is only six years older than me calls me
up yesterday during the day and tells me he met these two
hot chics and they want to meet us at a bar later that
night....I hesitated...(Only becuase I have put up with
enough human drama to last a lifetime)...but I went
along.....we were there for about an hour and they showed
up....the women my uncle was interested in was
asian...cute....older (about 42)....her niece on the other
hand was drop dead gorgeous, Half German, half Thai.....
(24)....but here's the thing.....SUPER stuck up and not
interested at all...not even a glance!! You know...I don't
just waste my time for nothing...I could care less for
humans and their problems....but hey...I'm a nice guy and
had clean conversation with her....first thing she told me
was she works as a bartender and gets hit on by many a
gross I took a different approach and started
asking her about her background....what she likes to
do...blah blah the whole time I'm talking to her
she is looking around....looking up into the gulp down my drink and cut out for a
smoke outside....I come back and she is talking to some
fucking drunk ass dorks at the bar....fuck it.....I lend my
time to no one...I'm a good looking guy...I'm honest....and
I'm nice and well mannered....From now's just me
and my women appreciates me anyway!! Bye bye
dating world.....from now on...I'm gonna be a not so nice
guy when I go out.....I have nothing to loose except my

My Responce: Dear writer

apparently you haven't written enough emotions out of your
system to take this one (or maybe two or four) minor set
backs to heart. kick back friend. Don't hide in your cave,
life will pass you by.

try not to be too sensitive - try not to be heartless ..
words to the wise

His Responce:

Your words hit me like a ton of bricks