The Crazy Life of Troy, the Drama King!
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2002-09-13 20:11:17 (UTC)

A Bittersweet Day

Today is bittersweet because it is the one year anniversary of my
Grandmother's death. It's kind of sad, but I know now that she's in a
better place. I couldn't stand sitting there watching her suffer.
Rest in Peace Grandma, you deserved all the happiness in the world
and I will always miss you and love you. I visited her grave site
today by myself. My parents went this morning and my mom came home
crying, it almost made me want to cry. I HATE seeing my mom cry. I
decided to go by myself cause that's the way it's always been. I go
there by myself and I talk to her. I would feel stupid doing that
when my parents would be standing right there. I miss her a bunch
cause she was the only Grandma I really knew. My dad's parents died
within a few months of each other when I was like 3, so I don't
remember them. I related more with her anywayz cause she was just so
great. She was so independent and was never afraid to speak her mind.
I think that's where I get it from...

Well I had to wake up at the GOD AWFUL hour of 9:00 today
cause I had a haircut appointment at 9:30! Too early for
this shit! Hehe, I wish she would've cut my hair shorter,
but oh well. I like it!

Surprisingly, not much has happened! My life is finally
coming to a calm! I got to talk to my bestest friend in the
whole wide world: Kimmie!!! She e-mailed me and told me
that we definately need to get together tonight and do
something cause it has been TOO long since we have seen
each other. I couldn't agree more! We have both been so
busy with our crazy scheldules that tonight we are gonna
have a blast! I love her so much, she brings out the
craziness inside of me. She brings out the hyperness! Why
take life so seriously all the time?? So we are gonna go to
our favorite restaurant, Max & Erma's and go see One Hour
Photo! wooo hooo

Last night I talked to Jeff online until 4 in the morning
AGAIN!! I love talking to him online, it's good to get to
know someone and we usually don't hold back. I've never
really had a close guy friend that I shared some of my
deepest darkest secrets (well since I was like in middle
school) but I kinda did that last night! I was nice to let
some of it out! Well...he has this friend named Jeff as
well and I visited his website last night...all I can say
is: HE IS HOTT!!!! I sooo hope he will be at the club on
the 21st cause I am gonna try to get close to that boy!
Lol, I IMed him last night but he had an away message on. I
told him he was hott. Hehehehe...Jeff jokingly said he's
kind of a slut, but I don't care! I wanna piece of that!

I cannot wait until the 21st. Me, Jeff, Christine, Julie,
and some other peeps are going to this hot club!! I'm so
excited cause I've never actually been to a real club! How
dorky is that?! I mean, I'm not 21 yet and I'm not going to
some teeny bopper club that lets 16 years old in! Sorry, I
wanna a REAL club and we are going!! I am gonna find me a
boy toy for the night...maybe I might find a girl, who
knows! All I know is that it's a gay bar and there's gonna
be a Drag Show that night. OOOH geez!

Sooo that's about it. I know this entry is kinda boring,
but like I care! Oh yeah, I watched "Last House on the
Left" today for the first time! I have been dying to see
that movie cause Wes Craven is the coolest and this was his
first movie. BE WARNED...very strange and disturbing movie,
but I liked it a lot. Those people deserved what they got!!
GO MOM!! hehehe I have the DVD to add to my extensive
collection! I'm OBSESSED with DVD's and that's partially
why I went into so much debt a while back, but thats' a
whole nother story!

I'm an opportunity
And I knock so softly
Sometimes I get loud
When I wish everybody'd just get off me
So many players
You'd think I was a board game
It's every man for themselves
There are no teammates
This life gets lonely
When everybody wants something
They'll smile up in your face
But they'll get theirs eventually
And I hope I'm there

Surrounded by familiar faces with no names
None of them know me
Or want to share my pain
They only wish to bask in my light
Then fade away
To win my love, to them a game
To watch me live my life in vain
When all is done and the glitter fades
They'll get theirs eventually
And I hope I'm there

I drank your poison
'Cause you told me it's wine
Shame on you if you fooled me once
Shame on me if you fooled me twice
I didn't know the price
You'll get yours eventually

So what good am I to you
If I can't be broken
You'll get yours
Yes you'll get yours eventually...

-- "Eventually" by P!nk