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2002-09-13 19:54:15 (UTC)

heres a story...

heres a nice story 4 ya to ready...
once upon a time there was a blue duck with pink spots.
this odd lil' ducks name was quacker jack, and qj love to
eat chocolate pies. But qj's mother did not approve of him
eating this ...this....human food. qj was deeply saddend
by his mother's choice to not let him eat chocolate pies.
but he knew that he had to find a way to convince his
mother that it would be ok, that these chocolate pies were
actually good for you and that they were a good source of
dieting food. so one day qj wrote a speech and presented it
to his mother, but she still declared that he was not to
even go near a chocolate pie... but then qj.....that
naughty lil' duck... he went down to the river side and low
and behold there lay one single delicious pie, he did all
that he could to resist this temptation but it was to much.
before qj could stop himself he had oh so quickly devoured
the pie. since ducks dont have mirrors to look into qj did
not know that he had chocolate cream filling all over his
mouth, so when he walked into his cozly lil' ducky home his
mother was astonished..."QJ!!!!!!!! how dare you disobey
me!" (heres the turning point) mrs. jack was a witch
duck!!! and she turned her son into a chocolate pie for all
of eternity and all the chocolate pie that he could eat
would be himself... so therefor QJ never ate a chocolate
pie ever again. THE END !!!!!!