No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-09-13 19:50:07 (UTC)

friday the 13th and stuff

Another stupid prep rally today. Grr...I hate those. Yet
again I didn't go and I don't plan to...ever. Unless of
course I have to. But, I doubt I will.
My gosh...we had this LAME LAME substitute. Gosh, it was
hilarious. He was yelling at everyone. Of course..for no
reason. It was great...I laughed so hard I
all class long.
Second period we watched the news and did a worksheet.
Third period we did cadet challenge and junk. It wasn't
fun...but oh well.
Forth period was Art and Mrs. Wean was actually starting to
like my stuff. I have to mat one of my things once I find
the right mat for it. :D I skipped the pep rally with her.
She always lets Jess and I. Woo-hoo!
Today is national hook day and Friday the 13th. I LOVE
FRIDAY THE 13TH! It's ironic that it's national hookup day
because no one would forget if they got a bf or gf on the
13th...well I wouldn't forget.
I went to Party City last night and saw my friend Mike.
There were like 5 other guys in the isle working also. He
got pulled aside by the new manager and told Mike I have a
nice ass. Then he came up to me and put his arm around me
and asked if he could help me find anything. Then he hugged
me goodbye. The guy later on called him an asshole and
asked why he didn't introduce us. The guy also threw tape
at Mike. I'm not interested in that guy...or any other guy
except one. But that's yeah and stuff.
Ok, this is me shutting up now. laters.