listen to my silences
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2002-09-13 16:49:53 (UTC)

my house, not my home

i may be moving out of my house sooner than i thought. if
the crap that happened yesterday keeps occurring like it
has been, i'm out. i hate to leave my brother there, but
it's not like it happens to him. or my sister. she's just
like my dad so he lets her be.

i'm sorry but i will not be like you.

brodie and neil have both told me that their doors are
open. they both know some of what's going on...if they got
together they'd know almost all of it. good thing they
don't read this anymore. and if you all do...oops. oh
well. neither know about last night. jon was on the phone
with me when it happened. even he doesn't know the extent.

and anyone who asks i will not tell you the extent. maybe
i don't want to. maybe you don't need to know. maybe i
want you to know but don't know how to tell you. maybe i
want to tell you but don't want you to know. maybe you
already know. maybe i don't know the extent of it either.

final thought: i'll be your crying shoulder

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