Luke's Poetic Interview
2002-09-13 15:20:10 (UTC)

i, human

enticed by the slimy serpent I was
i ate the fruit
i felt the buzz

i moved my home to the branches of sin
sin wasn't something
i believed in

there i sat in my ego tree
waiting for someone
to congratulate me

i outsmarted the gods and their evil plight
to keep me from knowing
wrong from right

now I build cities and rule the seas
I do to my neighbors
whatever I please
if they fight back
take them out at the knees
as for the fish
and the bees and the trees
go ahead and take them
out at the knees
if they don't have knees
I'll make them some knees
and then when they've gotten used to their knees
I'll take them out at the knees
and on it will go through the forests and deserts and
oceans and mountains and icelands until all that remains
are legs ending in bloodied knee-stumps scattered over the
wasteland that was once the gods' garden

that heavenly place where all could run free
until I fought the gods
and took them out at the knees