life is just a poker game
2001-07-23 05:37:17 (UTC)

Tomb Raider Sucks

Went to see it tonight with some friends. Don't waste your

Weekend has been pretty good. Hung out alot with the motley
crue - can I just say that gay guys make really good
friends? Ok, I said it. ;)

Don't want to go to lab meeting tomorrow...but not like I
have a choice. No results to present - no experiments that
I can do until the stuff comes in. Oh well. I'm sure I can
find something else to work on.

TOMORROW I WILL GO TO THE GYM. Thought that if I got a
membership, I'd go - cuz otherwise I'd be wasting money. It
was a good plan...unfortunately I haven't been in a month.

This week I'm going to try to work up the nerve to go see
my doctor to get a referral to a shrink. I've been reading
alot online about depression -- and now that I think about
it, my life has really changed alot lately. It's so much
work just to get out of bed in the morning. And life used
to be so much more enjoyable.

Ok, I go now.