Life is like a bowl of Cherries
2002-09-13 15:07:51 (UTC)

Scrape, Splatter & Roll

Wanna know my worst memory? EVER? even if you dont im gonna write it,
you can close your eyes.....I was in the TOP 5 in the 4th grade
spelling bee-5 people left.. me and 4 boys- I was so proud. So
self-assured that I was gonna win this thing.

"Astronaut, A-S-T-R-O-N-A-U-G-H-T, Astronaut"

...the guy who spelled it right was Matt Oplinger, he mispelled
Chocolate. CHOCOLATE. Josh Yuen won, and now he's a genius.. go
figure. I'm 16 now, yet, I'm still bitter. Sometimes I wonder, I
really stinkin wonder, had I spelled it right, or gotten a different
word, would I have won? Would I be the genius? Or does being genius
have nothing to do with my 4th grade spelling bee? I think it does...
Because maybe, just maybe its the pride and confidence that Josh recieved from winning the spelling bee, that drives him to be a genius today?

I didn't go to school today. Last night I had my first nosebleed.. and
I freaked out and sort of had a panic attack "MOM, IM DYING THROUGH MY
NOSE!" And because I didn't know what to do, a lot of the blood went
down my throat. I stayed up almost all night throwing up blood and
bologna. Now I'm scared to pick my nose.

"We bow our hearts/ We bend our knees/ Spirit, come make us humble/ We
turn our eyes/ From evil things/ Lord, we cast down our idols
/Give us clean hands/ give us pure hearts/ let us not lift our souls to another/ give us clean hands/ give us pure hearts/ let us not lift
our souls to another/
Oh, God let us be/ a generation that seeks/ that seeks your face/ Oh
God of Jacob"

Always, Liz

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