Oh,The Insanity
2002-09-13 13:31:54 (UTC)

translation of the previous entry

I can only be one thing
I'm not all you need or want;
So, go ahead and somewhere else
you can find the girls who can do what I cannot.
I don't have anything great like golden fruits
and I'm not really all that smart anyhow;
and ya know what, I've stayed too long as it is.
So if I stay any longer it'll never be as good as it was.
So, like the summer leaves each year,
I'm just gonna go...for a bit
So you can fully appreciate all I cannot be.
And, don't worry, I'll be coming back like the summer each
And if I don't do this, you'll leave anyhow, for someone
Cuz she can offer what I can't...and she'll start to offer
what I can.
-Put into terms you can understand by EmC