girl, interrupted
2002-09-13 10:53:01 (UTC)

please don't shout

*please don't shout*
(billie myers)

is that how i look
under the covers
arms crossed
eyes closed
knees bent
naked, except for
a lucky charm that hangs itself
from my neck

barely breathing

you want to know what's going on
you care about me
you can't bear seeing me like this
you don't know what to do
you need to understand
you can't cope
you want to slap me

you, you, you, you
it's all about you


the pain i feel is mine
the thoughts i think are mine
the anger i feel is mine
the hand i hold is mine
the surrender i feel is mine
the thumb i suck is mine
the nausea i feel in the pit of my stomach is mine
the headache is mine

mine, mine, mine, mine

and you cannot save me
from myself
so please don't shout
leave me alone...