My Confessions
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2002-09-13 05:54:13 (UTC)

My TWIN had sex with my ex-bf!

Dear Diary,

I have been so busy this week that i haven't been able to
tell you what has happened. So much stuff took place while
my parents were gone! Okay so the night after the party at
my house I didn't want to invite anyone over. Stacey was
still pissed at me and Alyssa was busy having the perfect
life with her bf (god i envy her!) and sam was just too
much excitement for the night i wanted to have. So i
decided to just chill in my room and watch old movies.
That plan went to hell! Collete came home with guess who
of all people!!!!!! CHRISTIAN!!!! Yes, i did give her
permission to do whatever she wanted with him since
basically i thought he was a bastard and wouldn't want
anything to do with her, but no...i was wrong! VERY
WRONG! I'm not mad at her....well i was a little mad at
her (who wouldn't be!) but i was REALLY mad at him! I mean
what a fucking asshole to totally play me like that and
THEN get it on with my sister! So I was just like rooted
to the floor when they walked in my room (both drunk) and
couldn't keep their hands off eachother. I mean I totally
froze! I was like WTF?! So I just stared at them and then
Christian's like "hey juliet...how bout a threesome!" I
think he was joking, but i wasn't sure. So I got the hell
out of there! I was planning on driving to Alyssa's and
crying and yelling about what a bastard he was but stupid
ditz that i am left my keys and my wallet in my room where
I wasn't for the life of me gonna go back up there and
catch them in the act! So then i was locked out and sitting
in my driveway just sorta looking up at the stars thinking
'what the hell do i do now!" I was probably sitting there
for about 20 or 30 minutes when I hear someone walking
behind me and I totally freak out. I mean I live in a good
neighborhood, but to hear someone walking around you at
that time of night (it was about 11) is pretty freaky no
matter where you live!!! So I jumped up and opened my mouth
to scream when Jay's hand closes over my mouth. And he's
like "Don't scream you'll wake everyone up" and I'm
like "well I thought you were a murderer!" and he's
like "what the hell are you doing out here around
midnight!" So I proceeded to tell him how i accidently
locked myself out of my house but wasn't gonna try to get
back in b/c i didn't want to walk in on Christian and Cole
having sex. And the reaction he had to that information was
actually funny to watch. He was like "CHRISTIAN is having
sex with COLE?!!!" And then I realized how pathetic it
actually was and started laughing, so he started shaking me
like, "you think this is funny!" and then he's like "well,
why don't u come over to my house" so since i didn't have
anywhere else to go I went over to his house. We could
sorta hear Cole and Chris from his room so we turned up the
tv and tried to block them out but we started getting
really tired and he's like "if you want you can sleep here"
and i'm like "i don't know." I was thinking that stacey
would most definitely kill me. But what option did I
have?!! So I was like screw stacey she has a fucking bf!
And I was like "ok" and he gave me one of his undershirts
to sleep in (so i slept in a white shirt and my underwear)
and then I realized what was happening in my life. My bf
(pretty much) was next door having sex with my sister only
a couple days after we ended our relationship, and here i
was locked out!! I seriously just broke down and started
crying. And suddenly Jay was holding me and trying to
comfort me and i was crying into him and i couldn't stop!
Its actually embarrasing now to think of how sad i must've
looked! And he was like, "it's ok, you're too good for him,
your sister and him deserve eachother!" and I don't know
how it happened but the next thing i knew we were both in
his bed (he has a full bed so it was pretty big) and under
the covers, and he still had his arms around me. And when
I stopped crying I could hear my sister screaming
christian's name and i started crying all over again! It
was the worst sound i've ever heard!!!! IT WAS SO
DISGUSTING! So anyways I ended up falling asleep in Jay's
arms and then when we woke up the next morning we had to go
to school. And things were so weird between us! I mean we
didn't do anything, we just slept, but we slept in
eachother's arms and I'm scared that we crossed that line
of friendship. I don't know what to do i'm scared! i don't
want to lose Jay as a friend, but it felt so right to have
him hold me like that! He is the sweetest, cutest sexiest
guy i've ever known, but i don't want to jeapordize what we
have. So this past week Jay and I have just sorta pretended
that nothing happened! We just act like that night that we
slept in the same bed was nothing!