The Story of Me
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2001-07-23 04:49:24 (UTC)

My First Entry...Again? this isn't my real diary. That one I keep
private. I just figured that I would start a public one
too. There are just some things that you don't want to tell
the whole world, and some things that you don't mind
sharing. So...what to share...not too much I guess. I'm
young...almost 21. I'm single (I guess...long story). I
have no idea what my purpose in life is yet, but then
again...who really does? My outlook on life is for today, because that's all that you can
guarantee. wasn't too good, but I have my
family, and my REAL friends, so I'm pretty lucky. Well,
since I'm busy talking on Instant Messenger right now, i
guess i'll end this one now. Talk to you later.


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