Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-07-23 04:35:38 (UTC)

bored and lonely

im so bored... its now 12:24 at night and im listening
to "It Don't Matter", By: Rehab. its really good, its kind
of like light alternative if you get what i mean. i've been
talking to this kid josh lately hes really sweet. so
anyways i talked to my friend heather that i worke at camp
with and we were reminicing on the old times when we used
to do stupid things together like play fuzzy bunny with
teddy grahams, and sniff my meds mixed with sparkels and
blow are noses and look at the sparkels. it was crazy fun
times. shes moving from dover to budd lake soon, that sux.
sheila wanted me to go to the mall with her tomorrow. but i
dont think i can go b/c i think shes going later and i have
kick boxing, so unless she'll drive me, than i cant go that
totally sux, since i havent been there in like a month. oh
well.i miss rob, i wish he had a phone so i could talk to
him. i cant wait till school starts again so i can see him.
at first i didnt like him like that, and then he liked me
and i like him and he liked me and i knew he liked me but
he didnt know i liked him b/c i didnt feal like listening
to brandis mouth bitch about it. but when we go back to
school and i see him, if he doesnt have a gf im gonna be
all over him, like he was to me before, b/c hes a really
good catch.hes such a great guy, i dont think ive meet many
people quite as special as him.well im gonna go upstairs
now. ttyl.