2001-01-19 00:09:10 (UTC)

Love stinks! URRRRR! I thought..

Love stinks! URRRRR! I thought middle school was suppose to
be the best years of your life.NOT!! Who ever came up with
that must of been high or something. In middle school there
are so many new feelings that you have no clue what they
mean. Oh dont forget school. Im in 8th grade and everybody
seems to want a piece of me. My chorus teacher wants me to
do District Chorus and All City and the Optomistic Club,
then my history teacher wants me to do some History Day
project, i have the leading role in the drama club, hmmmm
anything else. oh yeah, i have SOL's at the end of the year
which determines the rest of my future. Oh yeah dont forget
my personal problem. Ok i was in love wit this guy but now
i dont know because i have feelings for another guy. Im
confused about my feelings for both of them. And im afraid
to tell them how i feel. I mean i dont want to hurt the guy
thats in love with me but i dont want to hurt my friend
because she goes out with the other guy i have feelings