My life, one big sarcastic story
2002-09-13 05:00:05 (UTC)

the she devil

my sister

enough said.

we dont get along. almost never have. for the past few
years i have been in the shadows because of my sister. she
got to start high school oh wow something great a new.
where was i? the junior high, but really who cares my
sister went there, its no big deal. 2 yrs later the finish
the new high school and my sister gets to go there. so its
so strange and new to her, that everyone is like so how is
the transitions from the old high school to the new one?
where as yes i did get the "so how do you like high
school?" thing, but like from 2 ppl and they were freshman
there too!!! so theres that. so now my sister is a junior
and im a freshman. she has her junior prom.cant argue with
that she got the bragging rights. and of course im off at
the side lines where im completely ignored. ah here comes
my sophomore yr and my sisters senior yr. shes a senior,
head of the school, she experienced so she gives the advice
to the "aww poor little underclassman" me.she gets all the
senoir things goin on etc etc. then theres senior ball!! oh
just wonderful, and everyone by now should know where i am
right? oh no wait im sry EVERYONE FORGETS ABOUT ME!
how glorious. yay yay)