All In A Day's Work
2001-07-23 04:02:30 (UTC)

Good reading

Well, I just got home from a wonderful weekend spent at my
best friends house. We had lots of fun and even bought
some stuff for our house, of which we get to move into very
soon as August 18th is fast approaching!! However, this
weekend I was informed of some very disturbing news. I was
gonna use names, but I decided against it as they do
deserve just a little dignity, even though they blew that
one for themselves when they verbally attacked two of the
most intelligent and beautiful girls I know. What started
out as a reachout to them, to open lines of communication,
ended up with them recieving very nasty and uncalled for
emails and IM conversations that brought tears to my eyes.
It was so hard to believe that people you think are good,
people you give chances to, just take that and throw it in
your face. Girls A and B tell girls C and D that they are
nothing but whores. That is what it came down to. All
because these girls aren't hording themselves in front of a
computer or settling down into marriage, but they are going
out and having a fun time, as college girls should. Just
because your age turns from 19 to 20, doesn't automatically
mean you need to become some serious human being. It
simply means that you have been on this Earth for 20
years. You don't become more mature or better at
anything. Its not a magical transformation. Just because
a person makes mistakes doesn't make them a bad person
either. Hell I have made plenty of them. And just so
there is no confusion when I get a reply to this....I have
slept with 6 people........I have had a couple one night
stands......I get drunk occasionally.....I smoke.....I was
involved with someone who had a girlfriend for a very long
time and it ended way before someone would like to admit
and will most likely argue about and try to make me look
bad.......i never fucked a guy one of my friends had the
intention of dating.....i have never dated a guy that one
of my friends had dated, if it made her upset......I never
used someone........I never intentionally led someone
on.....I have been in a bar and I am not 21..........I have
failed a class, but I am still in school.........I don't do
all but profess my love to someone I have never met over
the internet........I am lucky to know girls C and D and I
only hope they know how special they are to me and that it
matters not what stupid people say. The world is full of
ignorant fools and no matter what we do, we will never rid
the world of them. Stay strong ladies....and if you ever
need anything, you can ALWAYS count on me.