Life Sux Then You Die
2001-07-23 03:48:15 (UTC)

Day: 11

He mentioned me in his diary entry :) Hi ben! hehe Well I
just got done babysitting my two cousins. One is Kayla and
the other is Faith. Kayla is 4 and Faith is a year. Faith
is my little buddy. I had to take Kayla to the bathroom and
Faith got all upset! After dinner we went into my room and
I put in my Squirrel Nut Zippers CD(big bad/swing) and I
put Faith in the chair and me and kayla danced for her. She
laughed and smiled and clapped...she was adorable. I fed
her my dinner and my cake. She loved it. I found some cake
in my bra -_-' Thats what you get for feeding a 1 year old.
hehe. I don't think you wanted to know that but hey...your
reading MY entries...hehe... I had a good laugh today. My
aunt mary went onto my other AIM screenname and went into
chat rooms. 2 guys IMED her and she made them think she was
blonde haired blue eyes and that she is single. It was
funny! Anyway...I have to go now. I am talking to my
friends Ben and Ashley on AIM bye bye!