My Story
2002-09-13 01:44:43 (UTC)

Moms, boys, and friends

There's confusion. and I'm kinda scared. My mom's been
REALLY crabby and no matter what I do I'm doin SOMETHIN
wrong. I realize she's probably just stressin. I'm just
really.............I don't know. Then all these guys at
school like me but i'm just not ready to......this long
distance thing just sux I mean I can't drive so I can't go
see matt that way I dunno. I'm just really confused. My
friends don't seem to NEED me so much this year. And I've
always needed to feel well.....needed. It makes me feel
good when I can help and take care of my friends. Sara and
I seem SO distant and I don't want to lose her as like the
best friend I'd ever had. But now we like hardly talk. I
just don't know.I'm losin it. And it scares me cuz I NEED
to be in control. I can't let it get to the point it was
last year. At least I'm not sick yet.