the roads not taken
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2002-09-13 00:49:41 (UTC)

from otherdiary sep 3 2002

damn i'm stupid
Tuesday September 3, 2002

kyle ended with me last night. for the most cowardly of was getting too close for him, oh but he still
likes me, and he didn't like the nervous feeling around me.
i jsut feel so dumb cause just the night before we were all
great and i allowwed myself to let my guard down and
allowed him to kiss me and then last night him and everyone
were over here and we had a grand old time. kissed goodbye
and everything and then as soon as he got home, he said all
that. now i've burned bridges and just like i thought
before i'll be standing by the fire alone. christy i my
best friend. she was there for me when i was ready to talk
and she just let me cry to her. a very good friend. FUCK
THE WOO WOO. and over the weekend renee and all them found
out. whoa she's gonna have a field day with this. and
something that hurts the very most.... is last night, when
he was acting as everything was fine, leading me on, he
knew excatly what he was going to say when he got home.
lunch is going to be hard today. but i'm one of the
strongest people i know in some respects. now all i have to
choose if i should try and be friends..... who am i
kidding, of course i will jsut never like this. hes not
worth this much trouble.

"cause never is a promise and i never need a lie."