Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-09-13 00:00:13 (UTC)

College or Something to that Effect

So, I haven't written in here in so long! I am now in
a college program and am living away from home which is so
refreshing!! I miss my darling Stephanie, and my
brother. No one else seems to matter to me anymore,
though. Megan has become a bitch when she desided to take
everything that I told her about the William and Nick
situation to be bullshit. Whatever, I don't need her.
Someone new I have to talk about though is Joe. We
have been "together" or "involved" or something for like a
month or something. I don't have days counted down. I
don't really pay attention to those details. He makes me
happy though. I just hope it is all for real. I still
wait for the day that he wakes up and realizes that he is
with me. Then he will gp run off to Morgan or Bethany or
someone smart and beautiful.
Anyway, I don't want to have any depressing thoughts
right now. I have been bleeding for three weeks this
month and I think that if I cause myself to become anymore
down than I already am I might not get through this. BUt
this weekend I might be going to Atlanta to see an
old "friend." I don't know that we would be considered
friends since he and I really didn't get to know eachother
until the last night of my stay in New York when things
became all heated in my room. Anyway I should have fun
though and I know that Stephanie will like him. So
hopefully she will gert some play this weekend.