2002-09-12 23:54:31 (UTC)

What is a true friend? Help me!

Me and my friend have just had a really big fight over
the stupidest thing ever. Ok wednesday she called and asked
me if i was going to church with my cousin ashley and i
said yeah, Well she gets all mad at say " well ok then" In
a really rude way. I usually would of called her back and
tryed to make it better but i am tired of all the crap.
Does this sound mean? She is always mad at me for
something. I think that it is that we are growing apart and
neather of us want to admit it. I e-mailed her and told her
that if we were going to bekon so many fights that i didn't
want to be friends. I think the reason that this fight made
me so mad is because she is always telling me to go to
church and to read the bible ( which is really judgeing me
and i don't belive in that ) but any ways i finally do go
to church and she gets mad at me? I really need help so if
anyone has any advise please tell me.
later whitney,
[email protected]