Lisa Lynn

2001-07-23 02:36:36 (UTC)

July 22, 2001

Well, I haven't been writing for a long time. I graduated
from the court issued driving school yesterday. I passed
the 120 question test with a 119. I ran the Rockville
Twilight last night with a friend. Although, he runs so
much more faster than I do. He finished 10 minutes earlier
then me. I finished 2nd on our "team". I am so proud of
myself. I didn't even think that I would finish. But I
ran the whole time. My name even got called out when I ran
across the finish line. You can check out my time at I placed number 773, so look for that
in the far left column. :) Today, I had modeling. I
dressed up as a motorcylcist for our show. It was soo
cute. Well, I gotta go to sleep. I am working
tomorrow. :) Nite!