*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-09-12 23:21:19 (UTC)


This is THE LIST (always say this in a big booming voice
LoL). And THE LIST will only make sense for people who
attend the same high school as me. I apologize to the very
few if not any, strangers who read this. Here it goes in
alpabetical order (I'll put them in like-best order later):

*Andy York- This really punk cutie sophmore that I saw one
day, fell in love with (j/k LoL), and have been kinda
stalking ever since. Maddi Jansen is trying to hook me up
with him. Yeah yeah!!
*Brett Baker- Ugh, yet again he's on my damn list. He's on
here, but I wish he wasn't, I can't help it.
*Joe Schmidt- He sits behind me in Spanish class and says
the answers loud enough so only I can hear. I don't think
he means to, but he does. He's really cute, nice, and he's
a sophmore. I have to find a way to hint to him to ask me
to homecoming. Oh, Natalie think's he's just an older
version of Brett because he's got light blond hair, kinda
pale skin, blue eyes, and plays soccer. But I try to ignore
the facts and pretend he's just Joe, not Brett, Joe. I
think I like him best.
*Jonathan Loayza- He's on my list, but fading. He's got the
cutest dimples and he looks so adorable hobbling around on
crutches. Unfortunatley he's kinda stupid.
*Patrick Scarpati- I knew him because his little sister was
on my softtball team, I had a crush on him then and he's
only gotten hotter. Too bad I don't really see him at all.
*Tommy Coon- There was a rumor he's gay, but I asked him
his sexual preference and he said that he likes girls and
that he likes his next door neighbor. Damnit. He is, as me
and Nicole would say, orgasmically hott. He's in my gym
class and begins to glisten just a little and I just want
to jump him. WOW Caitie outburst.
TAP THAT (mine and Nicole's quote @ field hockeywhen a
hott guy walks by). Anyway that's it. OMG!! Wait, 1, 2, 3,
4, 5...6. When did I get six?!?!?!? Oh crap! Save me from
myself Cathy!!
In other news, I don't know if I told you all, but I
made the field hockey team (woo hoo!), and so far after
three games we've won all three. All of the games' score
have been 3-0!! How funny is that? Anyway, varsity is
undefeated too. SC FIELD HOCKEY KICKS ASS!!!!