Painted Clouds
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2001-07-23 02:31:45 (UTC)

7/22-Get To Know Me

My name is Danielle. I am 13. I live in a harsh world. My
life is a complete mess. It's always been a complete mess.
Well not always. It seems to be bad. Some might say I have a
good life. But they don't know what I have to live with. I
live with parents who will NEVER be satisfied with ANYTHING
I do. I live with people who don't like me. They don't know
me. Only a few people took the time to get to know me. I am
not a popular person. I have many people who like me, but I
choose not to be popular. I don't want to have to rely on
popularity to recieve friends. I know many people who relied
on only popularity to get friends. Such as my brother. He
has only 1 good friend and is a bigger mess than me. I will
not follow in his footsteps. I mean, I love my brother to
death, but he is a mess. He has NO finacial status, he STILL
lives with his mother (my dad's ex-wife) and he is 23. All
my brothers are off pretty well. My 2nd youngest brother has
a very good life. He is in the USMC and has 2 children and
his wife is like a sister to me. My 2nd oldest brother has 3
children and a great girlfriend. She is good for him. She is
responsible and nice to all. My oldest (and last) brother
also has 3 children. His wife is kinda mean, but I admit it.
I love her. See, I told you. Right now your saying I have a
great life. But you don't know me. You see my life as a sky.
Neverending happiness. But all my life can be is painted

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