a freak with a heart
2002-09-12 22:23:16 (UTC)

On my way down

things were ok for a while. i was dealing with being away
from jeremy ok, well that is after the first week after i
got home. but since then i've been ok. up until now that
is. for the last 3 days now i've really started to miss
him. and i don't want to, because when im not missing him
so much time seems to go by faster. yesterday, i was
missing him so much that all i wanted to do was lay in my
bed and let life go by without me. even when i was talking
to jeremy i still was sad and unhappy, for a few reasons.
going to school for 7 hours each day doesn't help at all either.
walking in the hallways, see everyone together, with their
g/f and b/f. aaahhh i hate it! it makes me hate school even
more (almost impossible). so in my attemped to make myself
feel better i tried to be happy when talking to jeremy. but it's
kinda hard to be happy when he's sooooo depressing. he just gets me
depressed again. so really like i said the only time i am happy now
is either at school with my friends (after the misery has gone from
the morning) or sleeping in my soft, warm, comfy bed. when i come
home from school now i do my homework talk to jeremy for a little
then go to sleep, both because im tired as hell and it's the only
time i can be happy (is when im dreaming). well i guess thats most of
it for now. if i think of anything else on my mind i'll add it in.
bye bye