The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-07-23 02:21:50 (UTC)

Tricia Rocks My World!!!

Went to Wills yesterday. Trika called we were suppose to go
to the mall today but it closed to early. So I got home
from work today at around 4 and call mary cause thats what
i was suppose to do. So talk to tricia for like 20
minutes. Go over to marys and have dinner. Then we hung
out in marys and tricias room and watched a the mummy.
Bout halfway through turned it off and watched weakest
link. Then watched the end of a documentary on antartica.

Tricia, Mary, and Trevor coming over tuesday for dinner.

Cleaning house tommarow.

Tiredness peoples.


Tricia: Wow this week has been great so far. I never
realized how pretty you actually are till I got to see you
in person. I love you so much your the greatest thing to
ever happen to me. You rawk and we owe certain people big

Mary: Thanks for putting up with us tonight.

Will: I owe you but dont know how im gonna make it up to

Gosh I miss her already and its only been about an hour.

Everyone else I am very happy right now.