Jess's Journal
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2002-09-12 21:49:54 (UTC)

New Ones

It's all About Honesty

You wanna talk about them?
How bout
the time you said you cared
then you shut me down like I meant nothing
When you said you loved me
Love is forgiving
so there was a lie
I looked up to the heavens and sought an answer
the truth
Something we shared
but didn't at the same time
Aren't you curious?
Why I lied to you about just one thing?
At least it wasn't as big and meaningful as yours
Cuz your lie caused more pain
and yet I can forgive you
in all honesty, I probably could go on loving you
but I won't
A place for you will always be in my heart
but more as a friend
because loving you will just hurt me
so I need to move on
and I will
I'll never be good enough for you
but I will for someone else
someone better
someone with heart
with soul
and that someone
is not you
~copyright jessica crawford

Spoken Words & Promises

U need me
I need U
I think we belong 2gether
U want me
I want U
Now & 4ever
Promises get broken
tears get shed
our lives are different
cuz of what we said
never meant to love U
never wanted to hate U
but now I do
U broke the curse
and made me see
my life with U
wasn't meant to be
love makes U blind
but I've found my way
No looking back
U've gone
and that's that
~copyright jessica crawford