Daily Rants
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2002-09-12 20:36:13 (UTC)

Back At Work

Well, I finally got out of the house after a week of cabin
fever. Picking up some last hours from the Coffee Beanery
before I go back.

So I have lots of stuff to rant about :-D

First off, reading Fitness Magazine. And I find an
article about how bad those diet drugs are for you,
especially one called "ma huang" or "ephedra". Basically,
what it does is speed up your metabolism and heart rate -
a big no no if you have a heart problem or high blood
pressure (symptoms associated with being overweight) So
I'm thinking, great - good to get the word out. And then,
about 100 pages later, I find an ad for Hydroxycut, this
miracle weight loss drug... which has - you guessed it!
Ephedra. Stupid magazine.

But secondly, I was talking to one of the customers who
turned out to be a huge tennis buff. When I mentioned I
went to K he told me that Kalamzoo is some sort of tennis
Mecca with the Boys' National Championship every year.
Even cooler is the fact that Arthur Ashe, Andre Agassi and
Pete Sampras have all played there at some time...

And lastly. It's very very odd to be wearing shoes
again. I haven't worn shoes since May. Even stranger is
not driving barefoot. And *gasp* I even had to turn on
the heater on the way in to work.. considering the sun
hadn't come up yet. *grumble grumble* I think my
nocturnal summer lifestyle has come to an end.