~ * Love Conquers All * ~
2002-09-12 20:03:09 (UTC)

Im sick of waiting.......

im am so sick of waiting i swear im gonna go crazy!!! i
like morgan so much but he has a girlfriend and it dosent
look like the're gonna break up any time soon but i like
someone else so im gonna call him and say " i know this is
going to sound rude but r u and christina going to break up
anytime soon?" and if he says no or probley not then im
gonna say "because im sick of waiting and if you guys are
never going to break up then what is the piont of waiting?"
then im gonna say "i really like you alot i mean im
totally crazy 4 u but" i cant wait and i also like somone
else so i my as well go for it." does that sound good or to
dorky and shallow....and if you r all about to wet your
pants wanting to know who i like (ya right) well im not tellin
I really thought morgan liked me and i had a chance but when i
asked him if he really liked christina and he said yea
sorta that ticked me off i got so jealous

Thanxs for listening