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2002-09-12 19:39:43 (UTC)


well i think i have my lil prob that i couldnt tell
anyone figured out but i dont know how to put the soulution
into words, in which i have to do. :( anywayzz today we had
the first honor society meeting with all the officers and i
opend the meeting and brought up the first subject. then
the rest of the hour i just sat at the front of the room by
my self. but i did survive!! we all broke up into
committees and i am the chair person of the Assembly
committee, and then there is this chick that signed up tp
be in my committee and we were thinking of doing this
months student of the month assembly with all partiotic
stuff and then she was all like "man, im so tired of all
this patriotic ****" and i was like ok honey no profanity.
so i dont know if its all gonna work out so smooth or not.
i hope that i get to go to the 21st street meeting but i
dont think that i will be able to b/c my parents are a
little mad at me and i really havent even asked them yet. i
have had to many things on my mind to worry bout that. i
have a singing audition after school and i know im gonna do
horrible but i am still gonna try. who know a streak of
luck might strike me! :) i have to get home kinda fast tho
b/c one of my good buddies is gonna call me and i never get
any phone calls so i want to be there when i actually do
get one. lol. well i am trying to make my little web site
thingy in class right now so i gotta get back to that so i
dont have to keep ingoring the teacher! later yo!!

ME :-D