The meanderings of a mind
2001-07-23 01:46:21 (UTC)

dancing with forever

the song is slow
but it will end
i'll have to let go
step back and walk away
and the last notes
start to fade
a kiss, a touch
maybe a whisper
and we slip apart
this song is different
this song doesn't end
my partner is forever
and I'll spin in dizzy circles
locked in this embrace
I'm dancing with forever
breathless and grinning
I'm dancing with forever
I will not let go.
It used to be so far away/But now I know it's here to stay/
it used to seem like just a dream/ now i'm so happy i could
It came so very fast/everyone said it couldn't last
I can see eternity in his eyes/this love is true we can't
In her arms lies my everything/And someday soon I'll give
her a ring
no one else knows me as well, he was made for me as far as i
can tell
She whispers soft and true/it warms my heart "I love you"