the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-23 01:34:11 (UTC)




OMG okay so I did hella good at regionals .. Oh yeah .. I
amm all Oh yeah I am soo good .. so ne ways .. I am
checking my voice messages on friday and guess what JAson *
as in stalker* called .. so i talked to him today .. right
well he is all I am gonna go eat call me back or I can call
u at like 830 and I am like Humm well let me call u .. I
amnot sure how my night is gonna plan out.. hehehe little
does he know .. I am not gonna call till like tomorrow
night .. u see he wants to do something with me this coming
up saturday night and I am all * ughhh I don't know maybe *
U see he is really not really my type .. he is the preppy
type and when i asked him today * what he was classifyed as
* he quickly responded * I am a prep !!* and I am all umm
okay ! .. U see this guy kinda has this cocky additude ..
but he is so nice about it .. oh dude tell me this is not a
lame pick up line * U have the cutiest laugh* ! all I could
do was lagh after he told me that .. u see now I compare
every guy to Jeff who has all the freakn qualities I want
in a guy but i can not have him !!!!!!!!!! Grrrr why does
he have to live so far away ! So now I got talked into
going to fishing with him and his cuz and his frined so its
gonna be me and the 3 preps from victoria but guess what
MArc emailed me !!! i had a dream last night he would
somehow come back into my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God another frustration ! Help! so I gotta go Lates McCAll