hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-12 19:05:48 (UTC)

ok.... everyone STOP ASKING ME

no! we are NOT goin out. gosh this is annoying... dont ask
me if me and him are goin out if after i say no, your guna
ask me if i'm fuckin sure... i'm pretty sure i'd kno if me
and him were goin out. plus, he sez he duzn't want a gf
right now.

i wore his hoodie agen 2dae... hehe i got in truble with my
CIS teacher cuz i put the hood over my head and i refused
to take it off... but then my friend said i should so i
did. which really got my teacher pissed off at me. :-

me and steven are suposed to be talkin on line with
eachother but hes not sayin anything right now... i wonder
if hes doin his homework and chatting at the same time....
oh well.

my sister almost killed us in her car on the way home... i
swear she needs to learn how to drive even i do better than
her!!!! she cant turn worth crap, i'm suprised they let her
get her license.

but n e waez... no body is tlkin to me on line so i feel
kinda bad jst sittin here waiting for them 2 respond when
they dont... so i just put up an away msg.

i wrote to steven but i just threw it away when i was
waiting for him before the assembly thing... sarah came up
to me then, and she was like, "hey theres steven!" and i
turned around and hes like.. runnin away or w/e now y wuld
he do that??? cuz of me or sarah? but yea..
i've got to go... 4 now. good bye