The Princess Diaries
2001-07-23 01:31:42 (UTC)

Response to Kathryn =)

Dear Diary,

I know that my friend, Kathryn wants me to date the
"out-of-towner", but I can sense that deep down in her heart she is
the one that loves him, and he loves her back. I would never want to
ruin a perfect couple like that. Now all they need to do is express
their feelings for each (though Kathryn already basically did so in a
rather unexciting game of truth or dare..). If they do, I know that
they both would be real happy together. The only thing that would
conflict with their whole relationship is the distance between them. I
mean, they would of course talk online and possibly on the phone, but
that still wouldn't help the urge of seeing each other.

I might admit that I have feelings for this out-of-town boy; He's real
cute, nice, out-going, fun, and has a great sense of humour. What
else would a girl ask for? The thing is, I know he likes Kathryn, and
vise-versa. Kathryn, please hook up with him. I know how you feel
about him deep inside; Don't try to hide it anymore.

Much Love,