bongo player at heart

one day ill be a bongo player
2001-01-18 22:03:10 (UTC)

Hello again. I should actually..

Hello again. I should actually be doing science homework
and Spanish memorization, but I'd much rather waste time
with this. Nothing really interesting happend today ( big
suprise there). I went to school, Journalism first hour,
then second hour I go to sciece. The teacher is evil. I
seriously think she's plotting the destruction of the
entire school and everyone in it. She's really really
frightening. THen I actually get to see people i know, I'm
the only freshman first hour and im too scared to even move
in second hour, so is everyone else. But then I have
lunch. With Dustin and Martin and Dandy and Brittney and
Leanne and everyone else. If there are any english
teachers reading this, I apologize. Lunch is always fun
though, I think Dandy is mad at me, cause I left her in the
cafatieria for the second time, sorry. Martin was standing
by me and Dustin asked him if he likes me, because Dustin
knows I wont ask out martin unless he tells me he likes
me. Martin said no, and in unisen ( I can't spell, big
suprise)Brittney Dustin and adam shouted LIAR! So that was
nice. I then went to spanish, did very well on the quiz,
but tomrrow i might bomb it cause i have no idea how to say
ham and cheese sandwich or sweet roll. Math is by far my
favorite class. Don't get me wrong, math is my wrost
subject and I hate it, but ALLof my frieds ( including
Matin) are in my class, and the teacher loves us, we just
sit there and talk and she doesnt care, we could commit
murder, and she wouldnt do anything.
Well, as I said before, nothin really happend today, sorry
for the EXTREME bordom I've caused you.