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2002-09-12 16:21:19 (UTC)

September 12, Its almost friday!


Well not to much is going on here. Its so nice and cold,
which is freaking awesome cause im used to the burning
heat in our fucking room! But hey ill welcome fall. I
believe Carli is coming up tomarrow night, which should be
pretty sweet. We will probobly hit up a few frats or

Sat. nights agenda is still up in the air. We are trying
to get the honorable Daniel Patrick Cahill to make a
visit, but his rents are sucking raw ass and saying hes
not trustworthy. Ok, to dan's parents: It would be much
better if he was allowed to stay out for the night. He
will do the same things regaurdless if he stays out or
not. but if he doesnt, he has to worry about freaking
driving home drunk. There will be drugs, booze and hankey
pankey no matter where he goes. So maybe he just shouldn't be
allowed to leave the house.... BOOO

I am almost running out of cigs. Which makes me very
nervous and upset. I only have one class today which is
pretty chill. I tore some pictures off the wall.. because
some guys just really suck ass. And i dont want to look at
their camelish faces any longer... ugh who am i kidding.

Spent a good two hours looking at sex sites with sara.. Did you know
that the normal size for a limp penis is from 2.5 inches to 4
inches.. uhh I guess ive never come into contact with a limp one! ha
im ok with that! We also took some sweet sex tests.

I wrote this paper on my sister melissa, and the sacrificies she
made for Lindsie. And I was starting to think about like some of the
risky shit i do. Maybe I shouldnt do this crap anymore, it never
really botherd me till i had to think about it all to write this
paper. The best times I've actually had were like sitting around
listening to the guy i like talk. or just laughing and being wicked
stupid with my friends. I'm thinking about abstinence.. haha good
idea? I think that if sex is necessary in a relationship, then its
not a good healthy relationship. Although once ready, sex is an
important part of a relationship. I think this because i think sex
should be about expressing love to the person you care about, rather
than a meaningless waste. Some people take these actions just
to "get some" and that just pisses me off. Sex is more than that,
well at least thats what i think.. I dont ever want to be another
name on a list again. I want to be the only name on the list!
"They say it takes a minute to
find a special person, an hour
to appreciate them, a day to
love them, but then an entire
life to forget them."
Wow- let me tell you, that is quite the saying. For all of us out
there trying to get through something and to get past a past love.
THAT FUCKING HELPS! TO realize its completely hopeless. Oh and
whoever "THEY" are who are saying such things, your ass will be
kicked..Ugh please help me. What is going on!? I honestly dont think
i'll ever get married, and i dont want any stupid boyfriends. I HATE
GUYS~ dont get my wrong, im not a les, but ye know? the stress these
creatures cause lol. jk i love my men. :)