2002-09-12 15:45:22 (UTC)

"Fed Up"

Why does he just not chose to talk to me? Yes, I'm talking
about Lionel's bitch-ass. I'll try to be outside you know
just to get his attention, but when he comes outside he's
either going somewhere or he'll just be like, "Hey,
wassup?" That's not enough! I'm glad that I didn't lose
my "Big-V" to him though, because imagine how I would be
feeling right now...uhh...maybe like shit! So I'm really
glad. I'm just going to move on because aparently he has
bigger and better things to be doing. Believe me, if the
opportunity ever comes up again for me to go clubbing or
something with him then I'll go. I'm just going to try to
not be emotionally involved with him, nawmean? I just need
to find someone who will be there for me and appreciate me
for me. Not saying that he doesn't, it's just that he acts
like he doesn't have time to talk to anyone. I'm just "fed
up" with him.

Anyway...Brad's game is going to be on ESPN2 on Saturday.
So, you know I have to watch him! I sent him some pictures
a couple of days ago, so he should be getting them soon.

I started school yesterday, but I didn't go today. Mainly
because I didn't feel like it. Yesterday was pretty cool I
guess. I didn't go to my Geometry class because I really
wasn't in the mood for math, nawmean? But other than that
it was a pretty cool day. Since tomorrow's Friday I feel a
little better about going to school. I know that it's going
to be the last day of the week so that'll be all good.

Well, I'mma talk to you later!

--Jasmine ~*(Arabian Hump)*~