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2001-07-23 01:09:29 (UTC)

why??-- LIFE!

allie didnt invite me to her house! trent just asked me if
i was going to her party and i was like oo umm no i wasnt
invited! ugh! why didnt she invite me?!?! thats so
strange?!?! trents goin! i bet he dips while hes there just
to make everyone mad! why does he do that? it makes
everyone so mad! hes going to ruin his life since he does
it everyday! he MAKES ME MAD!

---- im mad i didnt get into the mystery ramble! alot of my
good friends are going on it! i wish i could be there!
camerons going! i really want to see him! it seems likei
havent talked to himin forever! ive been gone and so has
he! i stil like him alot! i think about him all the time! i
wish he liked me as muhc i as i like him. hes practically
the first thing ithink of when iwake up and go to sleep!
ahh! life is so confusing!

--- the king ranch trip was fun! taylor and chris are nice!
they are so fun to talk to! i cant believe i stayed up
everynight past 2:30 talking with them! i dont even know
them that well! sagourney weaver was nice! i cant believe i
met her! shes famous! gosh! and the parents got drunk EVERY
NIGHT! it was fun messing with there minds! haha! and the
ghost hunting lol! that was hilarious! i cant believe we
did that! but somethings were pretty freaky!

--- ill write again later! *claire*