Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2001-07-23 00:59:26 (UTC)

Winding down!!

Yes, the weekend is almost over...yay for that! It was
pretty wild. Friday was my cousin Sonja's Birthday party.
She had it at the Howard Johnson hotel. It was cool,
although she didn't stay very long. She ended up leaving
to go to Bretz with Nick and Brandy, but that was
was her birthday...whatever makes her happy. We went
swimming and what-not before people started coming. Bryan
and Tara came...Scott and Bookie were there...Nick and
Brandy...Josh was even there...Jon, Buck and Lennie even
showed up.

Buck and Lennie came earlier in the night around 9 o'clock,
but left and said they were going on a beer run...that
turned into like a 4 hour beer run. I guess, they thought
the party would be lame, but HELLO it was only 9 o'clock
when they showed up. DUH!! So, I was kinda bumming cuz
they didn't come back. So, all of us, excluding them drank
lots of stuff and had a pretty toasty buzz going on. Tara
and Bryan ended up fighting about stupid shit.

So, after Sonja, Nick and Brandy left...Scott, Bookie,
Josh, Tara and Bryan ended up outside kicking it. Bookie
kept hitting on me...I'm like, "ummm, no". Scott told him
countless times to leave me alone. Didn't help
apparently. :)

So, we were all outside kicking it around 12:30 when Buck,
Jon and Lennie roll up. I was kinda nervous about Jon and
Buck, cuz I figured they were still pissed at me about the
other night when I said I would be over, but didn't show
up. LOL. I guess, if they were mad, they wouldn't have
showed up. So, anyways, they pulled up and Lennie was
beyond FUCKED UP!!! He could barely keep his eyes open. I
guess, he had drank on top of taking pills. He asked me to
call Kim, his wife, for him. I did...she starts yelling
about her coming to get him...even after I told her I would
take him home! GOOD LORD...I wanted to tell her to shut
her fucking mouth. So, Lennie asked me to take him
home...which I did, of course. That's family. Man, that's
a long ride from past Perrysburg, especially when you're
drunk!! :) So, I finally made it back an hour
later...good lord...she couldn't have picked a closer place
to have this shindig!! So, I got back from dropping him off and
ended up chillin with Buck and Josh. They actually had a pretty long
conversation. It was cool. I'm glad he's met at least of my good
friends. Around 2 o'clock, Josh left to go get Sonja from the bar.
So, Buck and I had our "quiet time" in the bathroom and hallway-
thingamigggy...while Jon was passed out on the bed :) It was cool.
Probably one of the better "quiet times" we've had. I think that man
is getting to me...more and more every time see him. It's crazy, cuz
I don't want him to get to me. I don't want to be hurt, which
inevitablity will happen, I think. I think it'll be all worth it
though...the learning experience is invaluable. :) *wink wink*
Well...enough updating for now...I'm done.