Life according to Luvie..
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2002-09-12 13:58:36 (UTC)

Last Night, I had a dream that I...

Dear Diary,
Well yesterday was an okay day. I wasn't sad. Just
harboring anger at Casteel. He had the nerve to bring
his "wife" to eat with him at the store. He was trying to
make me jealous because Charlie had come to visit me at
work. It was extremely sweet of Charlie. It made my day and
gave me the push to keep being strong at work.

I basically told Casteel to go screw himself. I love
Charlie. Charlie called me at 2:38 AM. We talked for an
hour and 15 minutes. It was cool, but then I didn't wake up
this morning. Today I have to wash my clothes. Because I
have lots of clothes to wash. Hmmm...

Well I have to go. I don't feel like writing that much. I
am quite tired.
Love always,

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