Meshed Up
2002-09-12 09:03:07 (UTC)


today i saw a couple making out on the street.

they both had white hair with skin wrinkling at the sides.
the man bent over with great effort, kissing the sitting
woman on the lips, and they stayed there for several
minutes with the woman giggling every now and then against
the old man's mouth.


looked up at my wall and stared at the shadow of my blinds:
a huge notebook with lines that go straight across. if only
i can find a pen and write things that i will remember.
when the light is gone and the sun shines bright, straight
and even words will be splayed across a section of my room.
i wonder if i will anger the spirit who resides in this
white-painted wall.

love, i feel, can be endless and fleeting. few couples will
find making out on the street appealing because they've
made out with the same person for almost their entire life.


i'm drained and angry. i want to hurt somebody so badly.
to -disturbed-, it's okay to be in a good mood. but as of
now, i am not in a good mood at all.