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2001-07-22 23:22:59 (UTC)

23/07/01 - 9:15AM

Well what a weekend :)

I had always been planning to go to a concert on Saturday
night, as the guy I want was going with my brother... along
with another guy I don't really know. He rang on Sat
afternoon to ask if I wanted to buy his ticket as he had
decided to go to Geelong for some reason intead... I told
him I would if he could get it to me, he said he couldn't
so I said no. I still wanted to go though so I rang up the
pub to see if tickets were still available. SOLD OUT!!!! I
was crushed. I don't really know anything by the band, but
my boyfriend had a work dinner on and I really wanted to go
out. I was like... OH.

So I told the girl on the phone that I did have a ticket,
but the guy who bought it for me had nicked of to Geelong
with it and I had no way of getting it off him in the next
2 hours before the show started. She told me there were
plenty of tickets left for the next night, I said no that's
my Mum's birthday I can't then. So she put me on to her
manager... who said he would put my name on the door for
me, thereby saving me another $22... *big grin* so I got to
go for nothing!!! The bands were really good, I bought the
support band's CD yesterday... My brother has all the main
band's CD's...

But on the downside, as I was driving and therefore not
drinking, nothing happened... *pout* I have got to give up
on this and get over it, I just keep getting more and more
depressed and it is not good. I need to find the old love
off switch that I found for my boyfriend... *sigh*

I now HAVE RESOLVE to lose weight... I got on the scales
this morning... big UGGGHHHH.... so I have to stop eating
so much junk food... I am 99% doing it for me... but I
cannot help thinking, that maybe I would have more of a
chance with him if I did...

SHit boss is here, will finish later...


Well it is now 4:07PM

I got told off for my above statement before *grin* I KNOW I SHOULD
ONLY CHANGE FOR MYSELF :) Don't stress people, I am not doing it for
him... I want to be happier in myself, and to fit into my old jeans
goddammit! I own 10 pairs and can only wear 2 pairs, (my fat jeans

I am also dertermined to exercise more... the sun just came out for
the first time today, hopefully it will last and I can go for a walk
tonight... then netball tomorrow night... ahh but that is enough
about exercise, horrible thing that it is :)

I am pissed off with bf... keeps spending too much of our money...
fuck it I am going to buy my purple boots next month... I know I
know... at least he spends money I am a liar and a cheat...

I think he is up to something in that department too... I hope so...

On that cheerful note I am going to finish my work and go home, I am
fucking starving no time for lunch *sigh*

Seeya ppls


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