Reality Bites
2002-09-12 05:16:00 (UTC)

Do you eat/sleep/do you breathe me anymore?

Hey, today was bad. School was depressing with all the 9/11
things we watched in literally all 7 classes, and besides
that a lot of things were going on in my head. This girl
that thinks her and I are friends is annoying the hell out
of me. I can't think of any other way to tell her that I
don't like her that I havent already done. She's so loud &
obnoxious. I saw Luke a few times today--nothing
spectacular, he caught me at bad times I guess, I half
smiled at him in the hallway once, that was all I guess.
Then tonight I talked to him online for awhile and he was
supposed to call me, but he said his mom got mad at him and
wouldn't let him use the phone. That was probably true-who
knows. He said he loved me like 3 times today. What is he
thinking? This is so wierd for me, because every other girl
who's liked him who he hasnt liked back he's just
completely shunned-like no joke. I'm waiting for it, but it
doesn't look like it'll be happening any time soon. It's
good, but I still wish we could be together. Selfish?
Probably, but I love him-can't he see that? Doesn't he
care? I dont know I need to sleep--later